30 Day Homeschool Transformation by Liz Deacle

30 Day Homeschool Transformation

What's included?

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Welcome To The 30 Day Homeschool Transformation
7 mins
Why Homeschool?
The Very Beginning Worksheet
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Days 1-5 Getting Started
Day 1: Getting Your Husband (& Any Other Family Doubters) Onboard
BONUS* Podcast From Homeschooling Dad (& tips to help make homeschooling a success)
34 mins
Day 2: De-schooling. What It Is & Why It's Essential For Success
Day 3: How to Homeschool Your Kids When You're Not a Teacher
Day 4: Homeschool & Working. How To Do Both And Thrive
BONUS* 7 Tricks to Making Homeschooling & Working a Success
29 mins
Day 5: 10 Unsupervised Lessons The Kids Can Do (While You're Working)
Week 1 Reflection Worksheet
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Days 6-10 Teaching & Learning
My Perfect Homeschooling Day Worksheet
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Day 6: Unschooling. Why You Might Want To Consider It For The First Year
Day 7: Eclectic Homeschooling. What It Is & How To Benefit From It
Day 8: Homeschooling With No Space.
Day 9: Teaching Different Age Groups.
9 mins
* Bonus High School Homeschooling Resources
Day 10: Homeschooling Through High School
15 mins
Week 2 Reflection Worksheet
39.8 KB
Days 11-15 The Planning
Day 11: How to Quickly Assess Your Child's Learning Style
Day 12: The Secret to Choosing The Right Curriculum.
Day 13: Homeschool Planning. How To Keep it Super Simple
Day 14: Stuck Between A Rock & A Hard Place. How To Re-Adjust
Day 15: How Many Hours a Day Do You Need to Homeschool?
Curriculum Planner
43.7 KB
Days 16-20 Midway Panic
Day 16: Help! My Kid is Falling Behind
12 mins
Day 17: Proms, Clap-Outs & Parties. The Fear Of Your Child Missing Out
Day 18: When Your Kid Has No Friends
Day 19: Overwhelm 14 Ways To Swim and Not Sink
Day 20: Getting Your Kids To Co-Operate. Without Using Bribery
Week 3 Reflection Worksheet
40.7 KB
Days 21-25 Homeschool Prioritising
Day 21: When Homeschooling Turns To Custard
Day 22: The Danger Of Overthinking
7 mins
Day 23: Pulling The Plug on Time-Suckers
Day 24: Sending your child back to school
Day 25: Letting Go. 6 Battles You Will Never Win.
Week 4 Reflection Worksheet (Self-Care)
201 KB
Days 26-30 FailProof Practices
Day 26: Lowering Your Standards
Day 27: Comparison. The #1 Homeschooling Enemy
9 mins
Day 28: So You Never Lose Your Homeschool Groove
8 mins
Day 29: Filling In The Homeschool Blanks
Day30: Remembering Why You Started Homeschooling
4 mins
Look How Far You've Come! Worksheet
54.6 KB
You Did It! You're There!
Hello You Beautiful Fearless Homeschool Mama!
Why You Rock.
5 mins
FREE Bonus Extras!
39 Jobs (That Pay Min 1K Month) You Can Do From Home BONUS EBOOK
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50 Youtube Channels That Will Propel Your Kids Learning BONUS EBOOK
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40 Brilliant Lesson Ideas That Don't Require Teaching BONUS EBOOK
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5 Day Chore Chart Printable
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Weekly Lesson Planner Printable
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Day Planner Printable
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Grocery Checklist Printable
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FREE BONUS! 10 Part Audio Course On Using Gaming As A Tool To Educate
Introducing Liz (49 years young) & her son Sonny (18)
4 mins
FIFA. It's ok to be football crazy but there is one thing to watch out for with this game!
9 mins
Ark Survival Evolved. Step 1. Get your tongue around the name. Ok. Let's move on!
11 mins
Call of Duty Warzone. Is this game as big and scary as we fear it is? Let's find out.
13 mins
Forza Horizon 4. Probably not what you are expecting...let's find out more!
10 mins
Fortnite. We all know the annoying dance, but why else is this one of the world's most popular games?
15 mins
Jack Box Party Pack. What sort of party is this anyway and can I invite my Granny?
8 mins
Halo 5. We have all heard the name but now let's dive into the future of find out more!
16 mins
Minecraft. So, what's with the blocks and hammers and WHY do people say it's educational?
14 mins
Need For Speed. Everything you need to know so that you'll be sitting in the drivers seat.
11 mins
Wii Sports Resort! The old ones are the best I say, but does this game still reach the highs?
8 mins
Rounding things off!
3 mins
Full Length Podcast on Gaming with Liz, Brian & Sonny (mum, dad and son).
40 mins