Homeschoolers are a curious bunch.

There's no getting away from it.

Meet up with a bunch of homeschooling parents and the first thing you'll notice is the zillions of questions that fly around the room. 

What schedule do you follow?
What curriculum did you buy?
What pen do you use? 
What bread do you eat?
What books do they read?
What job do you do?
What clubs do they attend?
What's for dinner?

I mean I'm a British nosy parker but some homeschooling parents make Jimmy Carson look shy.

The one BIG Question

But there is one question that will always take the lead.

It will come up without fail in any conversation involving homeschooling.

A question that will arise time and time (and time and time) and time again.

Why did you choose to homeschool?

I was always a bit embarrassed when other homeschoolers asked me this question.

I always felt as though my answer was a bit lame.

Remember, I started homeschooling ten years ago.

Back then I didn't even have a world pandemic to validate my decision.

So Liz...why did you homeschool?

Errrmm. Because I liked being with my kids and I thought I'd give it a go?

Wouldn't exactly make it into The Literary Book of Answers, would it?

I love knowing why people chose to homeschool - and you are no exception.

So let's play a game

You can be the princess and I'll be Rumpelstiltskin.

I will try and name your reason for homeschooling and you can sit there and twirl some gold thread around your pencil sharpener.

If I get the answer right you have to email me and tell me how clever I am.


Your reason for homeschooling ...

You are worried about how the changes, rules, restrictions, (and general chaos) that public schools are putting into place right now will impact your children mentally and emotionally.

Or you can't face the upheaval of more school closures and need to give your child some stability.

Was it that the thought of explaining to your child that they must practice social distancing and avoid social interaction with their friends was too traumatic?

Or your child has never thrived in mainstream school and you are no longer willing to watch your child be unhappy and lose their light.

Maybe your school is closed and the thought of your child doing virtual school (which is at least five hours of computer work) doesn't appeal.

And homeschooling will provide a more stable environment and schedule for your kids.

Perhaps you have a child (like my daughter) who simply doesn't like school and feels held back.

Or, school no longer feels safe.

Is it that your child has been out of school for a while and it is clear they actually learn far more at home?

Or are you are at a point in your life where homeschooling is (at last) possible?

And you just want to give homeschooling a go and spend more time as a family?

Because you can?

Whatever your reason for homeschooling know this:

You are have made the right choice.

What you are doing for your child is immense and admirable.

By homeschooling, you are demonstrating to your children that they always have another choice.

There is another way.

And that lesson is far, far more valuable than learning algebra or the periodic table.

So go you. You are already a hero.

Know that you are amazing.

You will forever spin the thread into gold.

Now then.

Let's get on and tackle those fears that are standing in your way of you becoming the Queen of your homeschooling kingdom - 

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