Learning Through Gaming. 10 Part Audio Series. by Liz Deacle

Learning Through Gaming. 10 Part Audio Series.

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Welcome to This Mini Pod Speed Lesson on Gaming!
Introducing Liz (49 years young) & her son Sonny (18)
4 mins
Minecraft. So, what's with the blocks and hammers and WHY do people say it's educational?
14 mins
Jack Box Party Pack
Jack Box Party Pack. What sort of party is this anyway and can I invite my Granny?
8 mins
Halo 5
Halo 5. We have all heard the name but now let's dive into the future of find out more!
16 mins
FIFA. It's ok to be football crazy but there is one thing to watch out for with this game!
9 mins
Forza Horizon 4
Forza Horizon 4. Probably not what you are expecting...let's find out more!
10 mins
Wii Sports Resort
Wii Sports Resort! The old ones are the best I say, but does this game still reach the highs?
8 mins
Need For Speed
Need For Speed. Everything you need to know so that you'll be sitting in the drivers seat.
11 mins
Ark Survival Evolved
Ark Survival Evolved. Step 1. Get your tongue around the name. Ok. Let's move on!
11 mins
Fortnite. We all know the annoying dance, but why else is this one of the world's most popular games?
15 mins
Call of Duty Warzone
Call of Duty Warzone. Is this game as big and scary as we fear it is? Let's find out.
13 mins
Summary on Gaming
Rounding things off!
3 mins
*Bonus Full Length Podcast Episode on Gaming*
Full Length Podcast on Gaming with Liz, Brian & Sonny (mum, dad and son).
40 mins