How To Travel More For Less by Liz Deacle

How To Travel More For Less

What's included?

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Module 1: Why You Want To Travel
Introducing Myself
4 mins
Travel. A Bug That You Want More Of
To Reconnect With Your Family
For The Love Of Culture, Food & Experience!
Is Travel Your Obsession? (Just a hunch)
Module 2: Things That Might Be Stopping You (& how to combat that)
Elderly Parents
A Personal Story (About Money and Me)
When a Couple Can't Agree On Where to Travel
Some Destination Ideas For Couples Who Just Can't Agree!
Letting Fear Get in The Way
9 mins
Module 3: How To Travel With Kids
Gaining Permission From The School
Crafting An Educational Plan
A Plan For Primary & Middle School Kids
Presenting a Plan For High School Students
How To Earn Extra (School) Brownie Points
When Your Kids Don't Want To Leave Their Friends
How To Travel With Reluctant Kids
Homeschooling (But Not At Home.)
Module 4: How To Save Money For Travel
Sell, Sell Sell!
The Bargain Hunter
Bye Bye Subscriptions
Keeping It In-House
How To Save Money (quickly) On Food
42 More Ways To Save Money
Module 5: But What About My House?
Leaving Your House
6 (Brilliant) Options
Module 6: How To Pay Less (or nothing) For Accomodation
Housesitting *Added July 2020
Housesitting. A quick run down
7 mins
A tour of a New Zealand housesit
4 mins
Housesitting. Just so that you are clear.
8 mins
Couchsurfing (when you're NOT a young party animal)
Couch surfing video full length.avi
19 mins
Module 7: Airbnb. How To Save Money
Saving Money With Airbnb
Booking The Right Airbnb. Example 1: Croatia
Example 2: London
Even More Top Tips On Saving Money With Airbnb
Staying in Airbnb's (after the world has been in lockdown)*Updated July 2020
A Tour of an Airbnb in Wellington NZ
5 mins
A Tour of a Real Kiwi Airbnb in NZ!
7 mins
Module 8: Airbnb. How To Make Money
Making Money with Airbnb
But my House is Nothing Flash!
Having Strangers in Your House
Is Airbnb Safe?
How To Start Making Money NOW With Airbnb
Module 9: How To Find Cheap Flights
Google Flights
In action. How to save money on flights
10 mins
Module 10: Secret Travel Hacks
How To Find Local Advice
Hidden Gold
6 mins
Module 11: Doing Things Differently
Your Way
Before You Go..
8 mins